Vintage-etc helps Florence with her picnic blankets



Florence Mudzivo (53) is from Zimbabwe. Her husband sadly passed away in 2011. She was left to single-handedly provide for four children and one grandchild. With no previous business or trade experience, she taught herself to sew.

Florence knocked on my door on Woman’s Day 2017 to sell her lovely Shweshwe style picnic blankets, placemats and other goods. I was so impressed with the quality (and style) and her can do attitude, that we would like to help her find an online route to market that will take off the pavements and hopefully change their lives by providing a steady stream of orders and income so that Florence can do what she does well, SEW. Florence is assisted by her 24 year old daughter Ruthi, who helps sew at home.

I posted it on Facebook and within 24 hours had over 300 shares and more than 60 orders for Florence, growing hourly. As a business owner of an online home-ware store, I have taken the liberty of giving Florence her very own page to trade on my site as it has existing infrastructure and staff to help her.

Please take a look at her picnic blankets, oven mitts and placemats here.

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